Business Growth Consulting

Transform Your Operations and Teams

POWER TO BE consults with profit and non-profit organizations to increase their efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. Projects may involve ways to improve processes and evaluate programs, strengthen your volunteer and leadership pipeline, and ensure succession planning. Or, be specific to helping your organization respond to the needs of employees, volunteers, or students with disabilities and increase your Disability Equality Index Score.

POWER TO BE can help you:

Succession Planning
• Develop systems to ensure continuity in functions, projects, and relationships when key leaders or staff retire or resign

Process Improvement
• Build processes to improve productivity
• Develop policies to ensure that operations run consistently across business teams and clients
• Develop methods to organize electronic files to provide quick access to information

Program Evaluation
• Establish metrics to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of services/programs
• Develop methods to collect and analyze information
• Develop processes to review and present results
• Develop action plans to resolve areas of concern
• Create reports to showcase success and value

Strategy & Vision
• Lead focus groups and/or vision sessions to identify stakeholder needs
• Develop and document strategic goals and objectives
• Develop metrics to measure progress with systems to monitor and evaluate success
• Develop strategies to mobilize leaders, staff, and/or volunteers to implement change

Volunteer & Leadership Development
• Strengthen your volunteer/leadership pipeline
• Improve orientation and on-boarding processes
• Align talents and interests with organizational needs
• Show appreciation to leaders and volunteer teams

Disability/ADA Projects:
• Develop systems and processes to increase recruitment of persons with disabilities with processes to document, monitor, and evaluate efforts
• Improve onboarding processes for employees with disabilities
• Provide programs to support leadership development of employees with disabilities
• Incorporate universal language in orientation materials with processes to ensure accessibility and inclusion of employees with disabilities in meetings and business events
• Train staff to communicate and interact more effectively with employees with disabilities