Education - Training

Empowerment Programs

Empowerment Programs can be tailored to your organization’s unique need in both length and content.

These include a single presentation or multi-presentation series as part of a Lunch & Learn, breakfast seminar, half-day workshop, or “Train-the-Trainer” program(s). Empowerment Programs are designed to assist individuals with resource knowledge and skills in order to achieve more at work, school, or in the community. The overarching theme is to increase engagement and personal contributions in making your organization a “Great Place to Work, Learn, & Grow.”

Empowerment Program Areas:
• Employee Caregiver Empowerment
• Valuing Differences
• Career Advancement

Employee Caregiver Empowerment

Power To Reassure

Help your employee caregivers stay productive on the job while they juggle dual roles of work and caring for a loved one with a chronic illness or disability. Strengthen their ability to plan effectively and navigate the complexities of care so they are able to get their jobs done and avoid caregiver burnout.

• Plan ahead to handle unexpected family needs and stay accountable at work
• Increase focus and ability to set priorities
• Improve relationships both on and off the job
• Enhance work-life integration

Valuing Differences

Power To Include

Help your employees, volunteers, and students increase their comfort and effectiveness in communicating with people with disabilities. Create a safe space to ask questions and learn how best to support and include people with disabilities in events and activities.

• Improve comfort and ability to interact with people with disabilities
• Overcome individual biases towards disabilities
• Build rapport with coworkers / classmates / volunteers with disabilities
• Know how to provide ADA accommodations at your meetings, events, and other activities
• Use respectful disability language in oral and written communications